TESOL Standards

Here’s my take on the TESOL Technology Standards (2011):

The TESOL Technology Standards provide the expectations for English language teachers, teacher educators, and administrators regarding the use of technology in and out of the classroom teachers. Technology is everywhere and its usage in classrooms is growing at exponential rates. Having these technology standards will provide guidance for teachers on how they can and should use technology in their ELL classroom for effective instruction.

This framework presents the standards in two major sections: Technology Standards for Language Learners and Technology Standards for Language Teachers.

In other words, the standards are divided into components for students as well as for teachers. For teachers, the standards enable them to maintain an effective classroom that integrates the ever-growing world of technology. Additionally, they provide expectations for English Language Learning students so that they recognize what is expected of them in terms of tech knowledge, usage and achievement. The Tech standards are also useful for parents of English Language Learners as they provide an idea of how teachers and students should be using technology in the classroom. The standards also offer parents a means of evaluating the efficacy of their child’s language class.

For teachers, there are many practical applications of technology in the classroom.

YouTube (and other such online video resources), for example, is a fantastic resource as teachers can locate and/or create videos of language concepts, ideas, etc. and present them in a platform that students already use on a regular basis. Reversely, students can create and upload videos to demonstrate their comprehension of aspects of language as well as their progressing proficiency.

BLOGs are another great way to use technology in the classroom for teachers and students. With BLOGs, teachers and students can present language concepts, articles, applications, etc.

Although not my favorite, PowerPoint is also useful for students and teachers in organizing and presenting language concepts, activities, etc.

Naturally, there are a myriad of other uses for technology in the classroom. Luckily, with the tech standards, teachers and students are given guidance to use technology in the most effective way possible.


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