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Technology and ELL Assessment

Here’s a video created by one of my wonderful classmates.  She’s very articulate and does a great job explaining the reasons why we should use assessment with ELLs as well as how to do so.


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Why ESL Teachers Should Have a YouTube Channel


ESL teachers have valuable information that we need to share!

Why ESL Teachers Should Have a YouTube Channel.

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Using Social Networking with ELL students

Created with information provided by Lori Langer de Ramirez in Empower English Language Learners with Tools from the Web, this short video describes the benefits of Web 2.0 tools and Social Networking in particular with your English Language Learning students.



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Online ESL GAMES for Preschool

Laia's TEFL corner

After some years of teaching very young learners, I guess I could say I have a decent list of useful online resources. I have spent many hours surfing the internet trying to find websites with suitable esl online games that I could play in class with my little pupils.

Next, I share with you all some of the websites that I like the most. If you have a projector, a whiteboard or a computer in class, it will be great to play these games as a classroom activity.

ONLINE ESL GAMES literacy, numeracy and science short games. coordination, classification and puzzle games. numeracy, matching and word games. fun games that can be perfectly useful for esl.   word games. fun games with popular cartoon characters. literacy, numeracy and fun games. I adore this one, it is just perfect for learning…

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Five Favorite Tools for English Language Learners

Innovate Teaching with Technology

1. Camtasia for Mac

One of the greatest challenges that I faced with English Language Learners was realizing that they all needed individual attention.  They all had questions.  90% of them didn’t understand.  No matter how much comprehensible input I used with gestures, sound systems, etc.. there were a lot of emotions and needs.  Adapting to a new environment is not easy.  They would miss out on information because of they were too easily distracted by their peers, their needs, emotions, and *sigh* not understanding what they have been listening to throughout most of their day.  When I started recording instructional videos that outline the objectives and activities that they will be participating in with Camtasia for Mac, students became more comfortable and less anxious. They took ownership of their learning.  At the beginning of every period, students pick-up their Chromebooks, wear their headsets, and watch the quick video tutorial that outlines what they…

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October 23, 2014 · 12:56 pm

Top 5 Apps for Teaching

Technology has really opened the doors for both teachers and students

Miss Wong's Teaching Journey

Moving on to my last practicum where the focus is on inquiry learning in a modern learning environment, it has led me to discover with great joy some of the apps that are out there. I’ve come up with a Top 5 list that can help with classroom management and introduce new ways to create excitement in the classroom:

1. Class Dojo

It works wonderfully for my senior class where they can earn individual points for sensible behaviour, being proactive and working quietly. I use a tally on the whiteboard and add the points at the end of the day. Alternatively to maintain a quiet working environment, I can leave this on and a satisfying ding can be heard every time a point is added. Negative points can be used but I use this tool as a reward for positive behaviour.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 2.27.52 pm

2. Too Noisy

To keep students working quietly, this fun…

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Websites to Support English Language Learners (ELLs)


Websites to Support ELLs
English Grammar Word Builder: Printable lesson plans, grammar rules, and online exercises.
AT&T Labs’ Text-to-Speech: A free text-to-speech translator.
365 ESL Short Stories: Texts for intermediate ESL/EFL students.
PinkMonkey: Free G-rated literature study guides, with notes and chapter summaries.
Casa Notes: Note templates for field trip permissions, student contracts, invitation to parent-teacher conferences, etc. Users are given the option of printing the notes in Spanish or English.

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