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How to write your own English as a Foreign Language materials: Part One – Writing for different levels

Oxford University Press

EFL coursebook writingJohn Hughes has co-authored a number of titles for OUP including three levels in the Business Result series, Successful Meetings, and Successful Presentations. He will be giving a practical workshop on how to write materials at the upcoming BESIG conference in Bonn on 15th November. This is the first of two blog posts in which John explores three key areas which he believes underpin effective materials writing.

If you want to write your own EFL materials, where do you begin?  Let’s start with a question: What do most established EFL materials writers have in common? First of all, they’ve all taught for a number of years and they are fairly confident about what will and won’t work in the classroom. Secondly, throughout their teaching career, they have always loved creating their own materials. Thirdly, most materials writers that I know have also spent time working as teacher trainers. In…

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We We Should and Do Learn Languages!

So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?


I saw this on Memrise‘s Facebook news feed. I find it worth sharing. Learning another language is a wonderful way to learn about another culture. We can grow as people when faced with something new. I enjoy learning different languages because it’s a challenge and keeps my mind active. How about you?

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Experts cite value of elementary world language classes

Spread the, palabra,, wort…I mean, WORD!!


Well, then…we already knew this but let’s other readers know, too… Read more here:

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