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Bilingual Students Need Support in Their Native Language


It is sad that we even still talk about this but we still need to share with schools that our English learners must get support in their home language to do better in English.  Read more here:

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Dual Immersion Bilingual Ed

The World as seen by Mrs. Roberts

This is a great example of a school that has successfully implemented a Dual Immersion Program. It makes my heart happy to actually see this happening.

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Teaching English as a second English for children: creating a learning environment through playing or not?

ELT iCenter

Being teachers of English as a second language (ESL teachers), it is necessary for us to let children study in a positive classroom by encouraging them to take part in both outdoor and indoor activities. And in the scope of this post, we suggest ESL teachers trying to create a positive learning environment through allowing children to both learn and play when learning English.

First of all, we should understand what a positive learning environment and learning through play mean. A positive learning environment can be defined as a place where teaching and learning can take place simultaneously and flexibly in the most effective and productive manner. And learning through play is a term to describe how children can learn to make sense of the world around them, what they can gain from take part in meaningful activities and the relationship between learning and playing.

Generally, not all teachers pay…

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Authentic Learning Resources for English Language Teaching

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Should I use my ELL’s native language in the classroom?

Another fun video from one of my classmates

ESL Eric

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How to stop translating and start THINKING IN ENGLISH!

The FUTURE of Learning

English brainThis is every ESL students dream, and one of the most important steps in learning a new language. To think in that language means you have really ‘got it’.   But how can you start training your brain to do this?

Let’s first look at some scientific facts.  Research has shown that in fact no one ‘thinks in a language’, they ‘think in ideas’, and ideas are the same everywhere. So that means all of us are starting from the same place, no matter where in the world we come from, inside our heads, it’s all the same. Phew, that’s a relief….

Secondly what thinking in a language really means is ‘communicating your idea verbally into a spoken language’, and usually the spoken language of choice is your own native language. That’s understandable.

But the third and most important thing is to understand that when we are coming up with an…

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Online ESL GAMES for Preschool

Laia's TEFL corner

After some years of teaching very young learners, I guess I could say I have a decent list of useful online resources. I have spent many hours surfing the internet trying to find websites with suitable esl online games that I could play in class with my little pupils.

Next, I share with you all some of the websites that I like the most. If you have a projector, a whiteboard or a computer in class, it will be great to play these games as a classroom activity.

ONLINE ESL GAMES literacy, numeracy and science short games. coordination, classification and puzzle games. numeracy, matching and word games. fun games that can be perfectly useful for esl.   word games. fun games with popular cartoon characters. literacy, numeracy and fun games. I adore this one, it is just perfect for learning…

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YouTube Lecture Stephen Krashen on Language Acquisition

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Sociocultural Factors in Second Language Acquisition

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A great visual representation of meaningful instruction



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