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Explaining ACCESS Scores

Here is a handy little video by one of my classmates.  She collaborated with her school’s ESL teacher to produce this informational bit on how to better understand ACCESS scores.


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Technology and ELL Assessment

Here’s a video created by one of my wonderful classmates.  She’s very articulate and does a great job explaining the reasons why we should use assessment with ELLs as well as how to do so.

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WIDA Standards, Can Dos and guidelines for fairly assessing English Language Learners in your classroom

 Here are some videos I created for my EDU 581 course at Georgetown College regarding the WIDA consortium Standards, Can Dos as well as assessment for English Language Learners.“>“>“>




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Do you have enough formative assessments?


As teachers, we need to frequently check for understanding with small, manageable activities. The video below explains this concept in less than two minutes! 

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Backward Design

Reblogged from a classmate, the idea is that the goals set for students will drive instruction and assessment. Makes total sense!

The World as seen by Mrs. Roberts

This week, I was introduced to the concept of Backward Design. Backward Design is lesson planning with the end in mind. The assessment drives instruction. Check out this video to learn more about it!

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Finally: U.S. Departments of Education and Justice Release Joint Guidance to Ensure English Learner Students Have Equal Access to High-Quality Education

Meant to post this a while ago…pretty sure I didn’t at least. Enjoy!


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Web 2.0 and Alternative Assessment

Here is a video of a presentation conducted by Cecilia Lemos wherein she describes many wonderful ways that Web 2.0 tools can be used to continuously assess English Language Learners.  She also provides some great information on the differences between traditional and alternative assessments, for those who may not be aware.  Namely, traditional assessment focuses on language, is teacher-centered, involves isolated skills, emphasizes product and one-way correctness.  ALTERNATIVE assessment, on the other hand, focuses more on skills that native speakers of a language use everyday like COMMUNICATION.  Alternative assessment is also learner-centered, involves integrated skills, emphasizes process, has multiple solutions and, most importantly, they teach us what students really know and what they can do. 

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