ELL Home Visits

This is a truly touching story which emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of home visits. This one probably changed this little girl’s perception of school- giving her something to look forward to instead of dread- the math club!


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A few years ago, I was called to translate by a social worker at a primary school. A teacher had complained that one of her students never looked her in the eye when spoken to and was painfully shy. The child never participated in class unless it was obligatory and only under duress. She was frequently absent, particularly on days when she had to make a presentation before the class. However, the student was very bright, with excellent grades and careful, neat work. The social worker wanted me to contact the parents and arrange a meeting to discuss a special education placement.

Some intuition obliged me to wonder about the need for special education. I stepped out of my usually neutral role as interpreter and asked the social worker why it was necessary. The more questions I asked, the more both of us questioned the recommendation. I…

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