Five Effective Strategies for Supporting English Language Learners in the Classroom

Natalie Platon

In my 3rd grade classroom, I use a variety of strategies to help English Learners learn English more quickly and retain new vocabulary. After learning French on my own time, I have discovered several strategies that have improved my French drastically.

1.) Using technology to enhance learning – Technology offers a different alternative to more traditional strategies such as direct instruction. When I learn French, I use apps such as Duolingo and Memrise to enhance my vocabulary. In the classroom, I give students the opportunity to use different apps to improve their language skills.

2.) Collaborate often with classmates in small groups. – By working in small groups, English Learners have the opportunity to improve their speaking skills because they have to work with their classmates to complete a specific task.

3.) Read books that are appropriate for their grade level. – When I study French, I read books and articles…

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