What I Learned From Teaching in a Guatemalan Public School

Here’s a great post from a classmate of mine sharing her personal experience with teaching EFL in Guatemala.

The World as seen by Mrs. Roberts

Many ESL students are born in the United States and never know anything but the American classroom. However, there are others who attend school in a totally different setting, and then are expected to adapt to the American classroom, without anyone ever stopping to ask what their former school environment was like. In my time in Guatemala, I was blessed to do an internship for a month as an English as a Foreign Language Teacher for PreK-9th grade. Doing this has given me a lot of perspective that I will value forever. Here is what I learned:

1. The student may not be used to having the materials that we have. In Guatemala there were no textbooks, SMART Boards, computers, etc. There was a dry erase board and desks in the classroom. Students had a notebook and pen. That was it. If an ESL student is having trouble keeping materials…

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