English Syntax

Ms. Morales does a real stand up job of summarizing the big issues mentioned in Chapter 9 of Essential Linguistics.

cultural and linguistic diversity

Summary of Chapter 9: Essential Linguistics, (Freeman & Freeman, 2004).

Chapter 9 tells us some basic aspects of English syntax and sheds light on how insights from syntax apply to teaching reading and to teaching a second language (Freeman & Freeman, 2004, p. 216).

The authors inform us there are four views or meanings of grammar, as described by Weaver (1996).  They are: (1) grammar as a description of syntactic structure, (2) grammar as prescriptions for how to use structures and words, (3) grammar as rhetorically effective use of syntactic structures, and (4) grammar as the functional command of a sentence structure that enables us to comprehend and produce language (p.2).  Linguists would argue the words grammar and syntax are synonyms.  They believe humans are born with an internal language acquisition device and a set of subconscious structures that enable them to develop an internal grammar, which includes a syntactic…

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